Friday, January 18, 2013

Art contest

Once I won An art contest. I drew the best painting .To get first place in the contest .It all started one day when i was drawing my painting .
It was a fancy girl who has big smile and beautiful black hair.Who was walking in the garden .Then next day i got to color it.And the next i got to paint it .And few days later i got a note that says i am in the art contest and then a few days later after that i saw a lot more other kids in the art contest.We had a interview . I was so excited that i was in art contest. A lot more days later i came to the Memphis College of Art. I got a 100 dollars gift certificate. I could buy a million arts supplies from the Art Center. When it was a day i got to buy my art supplies from the art center .I felt it was like my birthday.I studied using my art supplies right away .So that's the story of my winning. 

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